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Just like humans, pets need regular dental cleanings to maintain good oral hygiene and prevent periodontal disease.

During a dental cleaning procedure at our veterinary office, your pet will be under general anesthesia to ensure their safety and comfort. Our veterinary technician will take dental radiographs of every tooth in your pet’s mouth to check for any dental issues such as fractures, decay, and pockets under the gumline. We will then scale off all the bacteria and calculus from your pet’s teeth, leaving them clean and fresh, and polish their teeth with a minty toothpaste. A veterinarian will also access your pet’s teeth and extract any dead or diseased teeth.

Your pet will wake up comfortably under the supervision of our staff and be discharged to you a few hours later. Our veterinary technicians will go over the findings of your pet’s dental cleaning with you, including the dental radiographs and a dental chart which is a diagram of your pet’s mouth, and they will explain any visual findings to you. We are also happy to discuss at-home dental care options that you can pursue to maintain your pet’s oral health.


What to know about periodontal disease prevention for pets

Periodontal disease is a common issue that pets face where bacteria attaches to their teeth over time and starts to calcify when mixed with their saliva. This leads to the formation of a hard “shelf” on the tooth that bacteria can collect on, causing inflammation called Gingivitis. If left untreated, periodontal disease can progress to later stages, causing loose teeth and even tooth loss.

To prevent periodontal disease, we recommend that your pet has an oral/dental exam once a year to check for any signs of Gingivitis or infection, and yearly dental cleanings by trained veterinary staff.

With our expert dental care services, we can help your pet maintain their oral health and prevent dental issues. Visit Bondurant Animal Clinic for all your pet’s dental care needs.

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