Senior Pet Care


At Bondurant Animal Clinic, we understand how much your furry friend means to you, especially as they enter their golden years.

As pets age, their bodies go through many changes, some of which we can see and others that are not as visible. This is why senior pet care is so important!

We recommend that pets be considered seniors when they reach the age of seven, regardless of whether they are cats or dogs. With our pets aging faster than humans, staying on top of their health is crucial. Senior pets are at a higher risk for conditions such as cancer, diabetes, and joint problems, which is why preventative care is so important.


We offer a Senior Wellness Lab Package to keep track of your pet’s aging process.

This package includes a CBC, Chem17, T4 evaluation, complete urinalysis, and a thorough fecal examination. The CBC and Chem17 panels help assess liver and kidney function, check electrolyte levels, and detect potential underlying infections or anemia. The T4 evaluation panel helps assess thyroid function levels, which can be important for both dogs and cats. A complete urinalysis and fecal examination can detect potential health issues such as diabetes or parasitic infections.

We understand that costs can be a concern, so we have cut the price of this package in half to better serve you and your senior pet. This lab package is offered as an addition to our Senior Wellness Exam or can be done at your convenience.

Contact Bondurant Animal Clinic today to schedule a Senior Wellness Exam and take advantage of our Senior Wellness Lab Package. Let us help you keep your senior pet happy, healthy, and by your side for years to come!

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